Jacquelyn R. (2014-2017)

The Liberty Partnerships Program has helped me realize that I can be anything I want to be in life as long as I continue to work hard and not give up. LPP is a way for me to communicate with my peers and to meet new people, it looks good on my college application, and it’s something I am really proud of being a part of. With the help of the leaders in this program I can do anything if I put my mind to it! I thank all the leaders of this program for guiding me through and for believing in me. I would love to do this program when I am in college. The help I have gotten has made such a difference and made me a better person.


Kyle H. (2011-2017)

 Liberty Partnerships Program opened me up to a new world of independence and maturity. Liberty gave me a true sense of pride in who I am. Liberty put people in my life that brought me nothing but wisdom and success. Liberty gave me a great importance in education. It showed me that with the power of the mind, prosperity is guaranteed. You need to be able to give back to where you came and give to who needs. That was a lesson that Liberty definitely instilled in me through community service which I am still very involved in. Being in my senior year, Liberty has done more than mold me into a great student, but into a great man. Whether with life lessons or help with education, they have pushed me to the position I truly want to be in.


Janiya W. (2015-2017)

The LPP program is a program to help students achieve academic success and graduate from high school and enter into higher education. This program provided me with tutoring, personal counseling, regent’s prep, SAT prep and more activities toward preparing for college such as many college visits. This program that I attend every Monday has been beneficial for me because they assisted me in picking my top colleges, completing my applications, and writing my essays and resume. I would personally recommend this program to anyone that is struggling in school or with personal issues because they will see the benefits later in life.

Alisha A. (2012-2017)

LPP has helped me very much troughout my HS experience by gettign me college ready.  Ms. P and Ms. T. have been there to get me moticated to fill out my applications for college, as well as getting ready for SATs and future tests.  I was able to go on college visits, visit the Bronx zoo, The Long Island Aquarium, Medieval Times and the Exhibition Center (which was my favorite) just to name a few trips.  I was very excited when we went to see musicals as a group because that was the first time I've ever see a professional musical live.  My favorite one has to be Bring it On.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to be part of the Liberty Partnerships Program and I recommend this organization to everyone.